Malaysia Resort World Genting Introduction

 Malaysia Resort World Genting Introduction

Casino Information Gives you the Latest Info of Rwgenting : The only legal casino in Malaysia—Genting Highland Hotel with Casino, is famous for its high altitude of 1,800 meters.

Malaysia Resort World Genting Introduction

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Malaysia Resort World Genting Information

The Genting Resort is located 50 km from Kuala Lumpur at the east-north side. The Resort is facilitated with various entertainments both outdoors and indoors. As the only casino on the highland in the world, Genting Casino was decorated with golden-looking design and can contain more than 1,000 people with up to 450 betting tables. Here is the place that always welcomes guests all over the world.

Malaysia Resort World Genting Introduction

Malaysia Resort World Genting Casino Tips

Different to other casinos, Genting casino tells comers that casino is the biggest winner. It’s allowed to learn the rule before starting bets; however, the casino would rush out the guests without following the rules.

Six Casinos in Rwgenting
Genting Casino has 6 main sections—Circus Palace Casino, Monte Carlo, Hollywood, International and VIP. There are various betting games lots of betting limitation.

Facilities Of Rwgenting
Lots of wealthy business tycoons would gather here to gamble and go on their vacations. The operators of casino are dedicated to providing as more conveniences as they can for guests. For examples, the cable car to the Genting Highland is nearly free to transport, and the guest who have accommodation in Genting Hotel is free to enter the casino without any fee (remember that foreign guest should show their passports).

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