Four Essential Rules Must Know To Get Into Genting Casino

Four Essential Rules Must Know To Get Into Genting Casino

Casino Infomation about the essential rules: Genting Casino has the priority control, they focuses on the rules so if someone breaks it, they would rush out immediately.

Four Essential Rules Must Know To Get Into Genting Casino

Casino Tips: 4 Rules of Genting Casinos

1.Casino Enter Limitation:
Malaysia is banned from gambling, but the exception is Genting Casino. Even that, Genting Casino is limited by Malaysian government, for example, teenagers under 21 is forbidden to entering the casino, only foreign guests but not the domestic residents can go in, Muslims are also forbidden. Tourists should show their passports before getting in.

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2. About Smoking Limitations:
In most sections of indoor facilities is not allowed to smoke, no except to the casinos. Smokers need to go to the specially smoking area to get their release.

3. About Genting Casino Dress Code:
To prove that the casinos are entertainment places for gentlemen, men are not allowed to enter with short pants and slippers. They are told to wear shirt with ties, or the Malaysian original clothes so to go in. But ladies are not such limitations.

4. About Casino Open Hours:
At the entry of casinos would show the announcement that the casinos would open 24 hours in weekend to provide lots fun for those who come in weekends.

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